• Tamar Cocoa 20 Sachet
Premix Cocoa with Dates 
1 pack: 20 Sachet x 25gram
Cocoa when mixed with milk and sugar will become a nutritious drink Antioxidant effects is derived from polyphenois content such as flavanoids. Cocoa improve the ability to handle pressure and slow the aging process.
Date with Iron is suitable for people who suffer from anemia ( lack of blood cells). Salasilat content  ( a substance that resembles aspirin) in date can act like drugs because it can prevent blood clots and also acts as an anti-inflammatory and lower blood pressure.
Rich in protein, fiber, glucose, Vitamins A & C, sodium and potassium. Dates help the enlargement process, simulate the minds of children and infant brain development.

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Tamar Cocoa 20 Sachet

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